Trademark Terms

Here’s a glossary of trademark terms you need to understand to make sense of fighting frivolous trademarks. See all other posts regarding trademarks here.

Trademark Terms

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Legal Basis

Letters of Protest require the protester to select a legal basis for the protest. In other words, what case law exists to support a refusal of this application? What is the legal reason it should be denied? USPTO doesn’t have the authority to grant or deny registrations based on opinion. They must follow the rules of case law, which means they must be able to state the legal basis for refusal and support it with evidence sufficient to prove the refusal is correct.

There are several possible choices for legal basis on the Letter of Protest form. The Legal Basis most commonly used for a Letter of Protest in the print-on-demand space is:

“Failure to Function — Merely Informational and Widely Used Expression. See TMEP 1202.04 and 1202.04(b).”

Some goods, such as stamped jewelry, may be protested with a "Merely Descriptive" basis. (Example: AFFIRMATIONS. For more info, see the post-pub protest and the refusal.) The "Merely Ornamental" basis listed on the Letter of Protest form is considered inappropriate by USPTO to use for a Letter of Protest in the novelty goods category, as they assume the Examining Attorney will consider that issue without help from others.
Submitted by: Morgan Reece

Letter of Protest

A Letter of Protest is a way for competitors to oppose the trademark registration of terms they believe may harm competitors. The LOP may be filed for new applications, and within 30 days of an application being Published for Opposition. There are two levels available: “Pre-pub Protest” and “Post-pub Protest”. The standard of Evidence required for a Pre-pub Protest is much lower. Dave Cadoff has explained the Pre-pub Protest process in stunning simplicity here.

Submitted by: Morgan Reece

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